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Five Helpful Things to Remember when Organising your Party

It's almost time for season of festive celebrations, but with all the parties, people and delicious food comes a lot of planning. Here are a few tips to planning the perfect holiday soiree.

1- Music:

A lot of people try to do this on their own and just use an ipod or a computer playlist but this can never compare to having someone performing at your event where it is there job to entertain. Consider hiring a professional for your event instead of going with the cheap option. The party will be remembered a lot longer.

2- Smell:

Avoid placing fragrances near the food by spreading them throughout the home. Small candles are easy to personalize. For example, use Cranberries and Frost scented candles which you can write someone's name on and wrap as thoughtful party favors.

3- Set up Stations:

Don't put all foods and drinks in one area- guests will for jam traffic. Spread them into a few stations, to encourage mingling and good flow of traffic.  For cocktail parties, set up one special station with pre-made "signature drinks" that guests can just come up and grab quickly, and create a separate area for the actual bar, where drinks need to be mixed.

4- Shortcuts are your friend:

Instead of working hours at kitchen for a fancy meal, opt for festive fingers that are easy to chew for the guests. Choose stress free recipes such as Fennel, Sausage, and Olive Kebabs. Simple is delicious and will make your party much more enjoyable.

5- Take 15 for yourself:

Pretend that the party starts 30 minutes early so that everything is ready. Afterwards take a few minutes to relax. One of the most important elements of successful party is charming host/hostess. “Your emotional state depends on the actions and experiences of other people,” says Nicholas A. Christakis, a medical sociologist at Harvard University. They will take cue from you and get the off to a flying start.

In conclusion, keep your guests' needs in mind and plan accordingly.

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