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Who: Elly and Nick

Where: Adelaide Zoo

Elly and Nick's wedding was a memorable experience. I want to share with you their journey by taking you through their wedding day.  

Setting the scene: Adelaide Zoo is located North of the Adelaide CBD. It is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of city life with over 8 hectares of magnificent botanic surroundings. The Adelaide Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the nation representing a significant part of South Australia's heritage. The Zoo houses more than 2500 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish and is one of Adelaide's most iconic attractions.

Entrance: Adelaide Zoo is certainly a way to make a statement! Elly and Nicks' guests arrived and waited in anticipation for the Zoo gates to swing open. They then walked through the Zoo, past many of the exotic and native animals, then past the massive Sir Thomas Elder Rotunda, which is very elegant and finally arriving at the central lawn, where guests are now surrounded by the wonderful sounds of the Zoos' residents.  

The central lawns are a relaxing green city oasis and feels like stepping into another world. On the lawns was a gorgeous wedding arch and six rows of pure white chairs ready for family and friends to be seated. Amacus Strings provided beautiful music, which added to the ambience and anticipation for the bride.

Nick and his groomsmen waited at the wedding arch for Elly to arrive. As the music changed, everyone knew the bride was almost here. Five stunning bridesmaids, dressed in different gorgeous pastel coloured dresses, walked the isle to the wedding arch. Finally! Escorted by her Dad, Elly made her graceful entrance through the tropical oasis to stand with her husband to be, Nick.

Ceremony: One of the most memorable parts of this ceremony was the ambience that the surrounding animals made. Celebrant, Alexandra Stockley led the wedding ceremony and one highlighted moment came from the Zoo's Lions who grunted and roared as Elly and Nick were married. Completely unrehearsed this provided a moment Elly, Nick and their guests will remember forever!

After the ceremony the guests were escorted to the Zoo Sanctuary as the wedding party roamed the Zoo for photographs with photographer Bri Hammond

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Real Weddings: Elly and Nick


Bri Hammond Photography

Bri Hammond Photography

Reception: Elly and Nicks wedding reception was held upstairs in the Adelaide Zoo Sanctuary which is a light elegant function facility. With impressive floor to ceiling windows, the sanctuary boasts magnificent views across the parklands, the city and the zoo. The guests were a buzz as they enjoyed pre-dinner drinks waiting for the guests of honor.

Elly and Nick arrived and made a magnificent grand entrance into the reception area. The feast for dinner was back dropped with laid back dinner music and the best of Disney to appease the inner Princess of our bride, Elly. A big Disney fan!

Master of Ceremonies, Gavin Hammond, assisted in making the evening a great success with introductions to the traditional cake cutting, a round of hilarious speeches and the first dance. This was like no other first dance though! Elly and Nick's family members, Carly Adams, Shannon Adams and Elise Fahy, joined together to perform a magical Disney song as they shared their first dance.

Dancing, dancing, dancing well into the night before we were treated to a very pleasant bouquet toss followed by a very entertaining garter throw, where we managed to avoid serious injury, as the young single men fought hard and fast for the prize.

Hours seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye as suddenly the guests were thrust into an archway sprawling across the dance floor leading to the stairs and they were gone. Congratulations Elly and Nick. What an amazing journey, what an amazing day!

Blog Collage Photos: Adelaide DJ Services

Title Photos courtesy of Bri Hammond Photography

Ceremony Venue: Adelaide Zoo central lawn     

Celebrant: Alexandra Stockley

Reception Venue: Adelaide Zoo Sanctuary

Photography: Bri Hammond Photography

Reception Music: Adelaide DJ Services

Ceremony Music: Amicus Strings

First Dance Music: Carly Adams, Shannon Adams & Elise Fahy

Cars: David Nash of Morgan Car

Dress: Jenny and Gerry Bridal Centre

Brides Maid Dresses: After dark Boutique

Make Up: Caitlin @ MAC & Georgina Proctor

Hair: Grace Frayamico       

Suits: Nordic Fashion

Rings: Diamond Design Studio

Flowers: Flower Everywhere

Cake: Aux Fines Bouches