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At Adelaide DJ Services we use only high quality Professional Audio Systems for your next party or event.

No matter what your event we have a high quality professional audio solution suited to your needs.

Contact us to talk about your options for building that energy on the dance floor.

L1 systems feature a unique and highly effective vertical design: a column of closely spaced small speakers mounted in a slim enclosure. An L1® loudspeaker projects sound waves forward and to the sides—delivering 180-degree coverage—but very little up and down, reducing unwanted room reverberation.

The amplified sound spreads out more evenly across the stage and into the audience, and the volume level drops off much more slowly than with a conventional speaker.

We have been using these two little beauties for a while and love the sound clarity of the line array speaker system. They project out to the whole room in a very even sound dispersion. 

Quite often we get asked what audio equipment we use and recommend. We only use the highest quality professional audio systems at Adelaide DJ Services. We have been using the following for some time now:

Coming soon to Adelaide DJ Services the FBT Vertus Line Array

The QSC K Series is quite simply The New Standard in lightweight powered loudspeaker systems.

K-Series range of portable active speakers consists of three two-way full-range designs — the K8, K10 and K12, and a band-pass subwoofer called the KSub. All the models, including the KSub, are compact and easy to handle are are 1000 watts a piece.

The K10 speakers are great little performers and have a sweet and even mid and top end, with very consistent coverage.

When teamed up with the KSub they grow into somewhat bigger performers altogether, and can deliver an abundance of crisp clear output suitable for a full live performance system. We like the look and sound of the K-Series a lot, and when used together, the proportions and styling look just right. The K-Series is a classy system all round, combining powerful performance values with portability. We love them.

The Italian made FBT Maxx Series speakers feature lightweight, yet rugged gas injected molded polypropylene cabinet construction.The asymmetrical shape of the Maxx 4a cabinet also allows use as a powered floor speaker.

The FBT Maxx 4a is a 400W two-way design incorporating a low frequency woofer and High frequency driver. With a frequency range of 5Hz - 20kHz, the Maxx 4a provides hi fidelity sound for both speech and music applications. The FBT 4A MaxX have excellent bass responce without a sub.

Whether battery powered or plugged in, the Roland BA-330 delivers high-performance sound that defies its size.

Its digital stereo amplifier drives four 6.5" stereo speakers and two tweeters, positioned for wide stereo projection.

The Roland BA 330 is a fantastic portable PA amplifier and is great as a ceremony garden PA when no power is available.

It’s the ideal, all-in-one portable PA solution for small music venues, worship events, conferences, seminars, business meetings and much more.

Rich, deep, stereo sound to go — introducing the AC-33, the world’s first battery-powered amp.

Portable yet powerful, the AC-33 provides true stereo sound, Guitar and Mic/Line channels, custom-tailored effects, anti-feedback, and a Phrase Looper.

But this amp was made to go places no amp has gone before. Thanks to its battery-power capability, the AC-33 lets you take your music anywhere: into the backwoods, onto the streets, or wherever your imagination leads you.

Perfect for small ceremonies.

JBL represent an evolutionary step in the efficient use of amplifier power, rugged durability and enhanced versatility in a self-powered loudspeaker designed from the ground up to perform in the real world of sound reinforcement where challenging audio environments, high ambient noise levels and loud volumes are typical.

They use our Differential Drive technology featuring high power, wide bandwidth and low distortion. Versatile, scalable, easy-to-transport and set up, JBL's tour tested technology throughout for a lifetime of reliable performance you can trust.

No matter what your event we have a high quality professional audio solution suited to your needs.

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