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At Adelaide DJ Services we include dance floor lighting with all DJ services. At least 2 LED lights are included to set the mood on the dance floor when the dancing gets under way later in the evening.

At Adelaide DJ Services you can hire all types of lights for your next party or event. wedding.

Lighting is very important if you want your guests to feel comfortable and more importantly dance.

Lighting your venue for different times of the night is very important. If you only have party lighting you will have to leave your normal venue lighting on for the first part of the night which instantly takes away from the party mood when your guests arrive.

Mood lighting such as slow colour changing par cans, uplights, water waves or as simple as a mirror ball will create a great atmosphere for the first part of the night.

Party lighting for later in the night when the dancing gets started is great to create more energy and atmosphere in the room and will help get the party started.

Great sound deserves great lighting.  Very few other things will make the lasting impression and imprint the fun and energy of your event like the right Dance Floor Lighting.

Contact us to talk about your options for building that extra energy on the dance floor.

Laser Lights for Dancing

Water Wave Light for Mood

Strobe Lights

Astro Lights for Dancing

Mushroom Lights for Dancing

KAM Light for Dancing

The par can is our most versatile. Set it for mood lighting early in the evening and in party mode later for dancing.

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Adelaide DJ Services offer the Best Mood Lighting

Dance Floor Lighting at Adelaide DJ Services

Dance Floor Lighting is Included with all Adelaide DJ Services Events

Liven Up Your Dance Floor with our Range of Exciting Dance Floor Lighting Options

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